Shopping Business

Help you make bitcoins, when you or someone is shopping.

Our vision is to become the premier online electronics seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

CPS Traders System specializes in consumer electronics, gadgets, softwares and SEO marketing. Our online catalogs are constantly expanding with the very latest and the coolest gadgets added every day to ensure you get your tech fix.

We provide free shipping worldwide on every single order.

All sales are done with bitcoins.

Bitcoin Mining and Trading Business

Help you make bitcoins with our Trading Pool

Our people have been involved with cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin and have years of experience in the field of mining cryptocurrencies.

We want to give our customers an opportunity to try out cryptocurrency mining and earn Bitcoin as a reward.

We are continuously doing the bitcoin mining activities in many countries where we have been applied the best techniques and experiences to reach the goals as well as trading bitcoins hourly.

We are here to share the profit of our daily activities.

Advertising Supplier

Help you make money when you advertise your sites.

We supply online advertising programs and sell advertising credits. Our unique service of advertisement is for Banner Ads. You may use these services to advertise your Business/Program/Product to all members and visitors of our site.

It is free to get ad credits whenever you become an upgraded member and you have monthly plans for banner advertisements. We totally feel happy when your campaigns reach your goals for other businesses or programs.

Software/App Development

Help you make money when you advertise your sites.

We offer to cover Custom Software Development, Application Development, Agile Software Development, Software Outsourcing, Ecommerce website design, and Software Maintenance.

Our goal is to deliver premium quality software development services and products while giving unmatched value to enterprises worldwide at an affordable cost. We build customised software applications and solutions to match our client’s need. We take the consultative approach on any project when we work for our customers. In case you need our services, please contact us inside.

Forex and Exchange

Help you make bitcoin with our trading platform.

In recent years, our partners and we have expanded enormously, with over twenty thousand registered customers globally executing more than two million trades a month.

We are called to create the optimal trading environment for every level of traders. Our wide scope includes a full spectrum of trading instruments containing Forex, stocks, commodities and indices.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, we are here to help you do the business with our most adaptable trading platforms and we will provide you with the right balance of simplicity and sophistication.

We have a chain of traders around the world who have experiences in this field for sure.